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Since its inception, Fornux strives to create new technologies and a groundbreaking new gravitational theory to expand exponentially its market reach and to help humanity the most efficient way possible.

About Us

Fornux Corporation began in 2004 in a research and development effort to target the most difficult problems in science such as memory management in C ++ and astrophysics. The chances of not succeeding were initially very high, but the convictions were also very high, and only time and effort was needed to complete the tasks.

So Fornux came up with a strong solution to manage the memory efficiently and in a deterministic way with Fornux C++ Superset, that can easily become an industry standard given its predictability for the defense and aerospace sectors mostly. In combination with that we also developed on top of the C++ Superset, a tool that converts pure Python code into C++ code by inferring the types of the variables implicitly, making the resulting C++ code 10x faster than its original Python counterpart. Not to mention an efficient depth perception tool and positive research in antigravity.


The Silicon Reviews


The Silicon Reviews

The Journey Is The Rewards

Scientific Research

Astrophysics Research

Finite Theory: new gravitational theory already tested multiple times with simple thought experiments and also ready to be tested again aboard the International Space Station.


Gravitational Theory

The theory has been debated for 10 years online against 100s of physicists. I also propose an experiment aboard the ISS to prove its validity and which consists of a simple wavelength meter measuring a laser in all 90 degrees angles.

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